user experience

User centered design

The main goal of User Experience is increasing the user satisfaction, by fixing the functionality and usability of the product. Building interactive products we focus on the user having the best possible experience imaginable. Professional, easy to understand and easy to use interface has a huge effect on conversion and as a result it leads to a business success through a loyal group of happy customers.

Designing a product is about designing relations.

Steve Rogers

All our visual designers are also User Experience designers and have an extensive and growing knowledge from both fields. We don't do the unnatural division of the fields, because we believe that the visual side is an integral part of building the right kind of information architecture. Because of the lack of the communication gap the entire process can be more streamlined. From client interviews, first concept sketches and building out the final product, our designers can imagine the final effect, to efficiently combine the aesthetics with usability.

Hi-fi wireframing & prototyping

Testing a product's usability is best done firsthand - using professional, functional prototypes. They help to imagine a product from the user's point of view and identify all potential weak spots very early on. We don't believe in testing on dull, grey wireframes. All HYPE4 prototypes are aesthetically pleasing, readable and with a few refinements could even pass for a finished product. That helps when testing them on users, as they perceive them as something real.

Graph illustrating design process

If one photograph is worth a 1000 words, then one prototype is worth a 1000 meetings.

Tom Kelley

Visual UX audits

We audit existing digital products (websites, apps and others) looking for usability and visual problems and ways to solve them. This can be a standard QA process, or just a standalone service. The end-result is a visual-ux report, showing readability and alignment issues that affect the user experience.

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