<b>Introduction</b><br>A few days ago Yves Behar had said, that Apple products don't really fit the software, as if they were made by two completely different teams. The industrial design is clean, simple and futuristic, while the OS has skeumorphism with stitched leather and all that 'fun' stuff. He inspired me to see what would happen, if the software design matched the industrial design, with color-coded OS for each device. Apple has been under a lot of critique lately, due to keeping it safe and not introducing many visual innovations to their software. I'm not saying my design is better. I just wanted to see how it'd look like if the design matched the phone quite literally. So I created the Black and Grey + White and Silver versions of the OS for the iPhone 5. <b>Home Screen</b><br>Starting with the Home Screen I asked one question that apparently hasn't been asked too often - how come the dock is that little shelf, on which there are 4 icons resting, but all of the other icons don't have a shelf of their own? Either we pretend we have gravity here, or we don't, so I removed the shelf and replaced it with a much simpler dock. All the other colours are matching the device colours, creating a clean, simple look. <b>Safari</b><br>In Safari I was afraid, that white version would blend too much with the device, because most websites are white too. It might look like that, but I tested it in real life on the device to see, that it doesn't blend all that much anyway. Takin it into account I created the two monochrome Safari versions seen above. <b>Mail</b><br>Mail was a bit harder - I decided to remove the Inboxes and Account containers - I do know the usability idea behind it, but people adapt and after 5 years of introducing the interface they don't need aditional vertical lines to know which part belongs where. Taking that into account I created the black & white versions and added a dominant colour - blue to better indicate the amount of messages in each inbox, because in the end that's what we look at when we launch the app. <b>Messages</b><br>In Messages I decided to keep the green, grey and blue speech bubbles, but change the buttons and backgrounds, because while focusing on the messages everything else should simply 'disappear'. Some slight changes to the type were made as well. Without changing a lot, we have a completely new Messages app! <b>Calendar</b><br>The Calendar got the color treatment as well, and I used the blue that already existed in the App (the same one I transfered as the dominant colour in the other designs). Also I decided to make the daily events a little bit bigger and more pronounced. Luckily there was no stitched leather (known from OS X) here at all... <b>Notes</b><br>Notes app was the most skeumorphic of all - with torn pages, notebook look and wacky fonts and icons. I decided to simplify it, but add a little bit of skeumorphism with a plotting paper texture behind it. Kept the same Noteworthy font, but changed the colour to the dominant blue, which on the white iPhone looks a little bit like a school notebook. <b>And here we are</b><br>The project came to life because I really wanted to see how it'd look like, and couldn't find anything like that anywhere on the web. Once again - I'm not claiming that it's the right idea - that you must answer for yourself. But maybe, just maybe, Apple could go in the direction of matching the OS colour and style to the device (with an option to change it of course). I'm okay with the current look of iOS though and skeumorphism doesn't bother me that much (well, except maybe for the dock which is just silly). Thank you.
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